Ash Framework

The Ash Framework’s official site,, proclaims, "Model your domain, derive the rest." While this statement resonates once you’re familiar with Ash, it might not immediately clarify the framework’s essence for newcomers.

Believe me, investing time in understanding Ash is worthwhile. My background is rooted in Ruby on Rails, and I transitioned to Phoenix for its speed and scalability. However, Ash elevates the development process to an other level.

Like the Phoenix Framework the Ash Framework has no shortage of online documentation. But most of it is not beginner friendly and very often a mystery in itself. This book and the @elixir-phoenix-ash YouTube channel is my endeavor to bridge this knowledge gap.

If a section doesn’t resonate with you, skip it. You can circle back later if needed. I recommend reading the book in order (start with resources), but it’s not required.

For feedback or inquiries about training (both onsite and remote), please reach out to me at

For official support, visit the Ash Framework community on The community is incredibly welcoming, so don’t hesitate to pose any questions you might have. See you there!