Learning Elixir, Phoenix and Ash is a steep climb. No sugar-coating. This book aims to make that ascent less steep. It’s a guide crafted for beginners.

  • A step-by-step guide. While no prior knowledge is required, a basic understanding of programming and HTML will be beneficial.

  • Bite-sized "Hello World!" code examples. Crafted for comprehension just by reading the code, with added notes for clarity. No abstract programming theories.

  • Simplicity is key. My goal is to get you productive ASAP. For in-depth exploration, there are other resources.

  • Not a beauty contest. We’re not investing much time in aesthetics. This is not a CSS design book.

If a section doesn’t resonate with you, skip it. You can circle back later if needed. I recommend reading the book in order, but it’s not required.

Stefan Wintermeyer

PS: Your feedback is very much appreciated. Please do email me at and follow me on Twitter @wintermeyer.

Seeking more help?

  • StackOverflow: A great place to ask Elixir, Phoenix and Ash questions.

  • Google: For Phoenix-related queries, add 'Phoenix Framework', 'Elixir' or 'Ash Framework' to refine your search.

  • Discord: Elixir, Phoenix (#phoenix channel) and Ash have very helpful communities.

  • Email me at Please post your question on StackOverflow first and include the link in your email.

Elixir, Phoenix and Ash Training

I offer remote and on-site Elixir, Phoenix and Ash beginner’s training in English and German. Please contact me with background information (e.g. group size, location and prefered date) at to discuss details.